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We connect and inspire for a sustainable future.

Antidot plays a role in the connection between problems and needs in the environmental and social sphere and the search for strategic and technological solutions.

Antidot is the point of inspiration for customers and users and provides consultancy, services and products to facilitate the feasibility and implementation of strategies and solutions.

Antidot considers the priorities linked to the present moment in a holistic way and the resources available to favour both environmental and economic sustainability in the long term.


Who are we?

Antidot Environmental Solutions is a company that aims at finding alternative solutions to the use of single-use plastic products. Through international partners, Antidot strives to bring the latest solutions to the Maltese market.

Moreover, Antidot aims at creating awareness and educating the Maltese grassroots to understand better the importance of embracing a Greener economic model.

In line with the European ‘Green Deal’, Antidot aims to support local businesses and society in general, in the transition towards a ‘green economy’ by providing alternative solutions to use natural resources more efficiently, whilst inclusively enhancing the well-being of humans and maintaining natural systems.

What do we do?

Through its partnership with international partners, Antidot looks at furthering research ways on how to increase prosperity without increasing resource use and environmental impacts. Moreover, it aims at developing sustainable and affordable methodologies for businesses to remain competitive.

Antidot’s mission is to educate the grassroots of our society while at the same time promoting and creating awareness amongst businesses and households. This will result in a more environmentally conscious society that will contribute to Malta’s environmental and economic goals.

How will this be achieved?

Antidot together with its international partners focuses on innovative solutions to provide plastic-free water, cleaning products, bulk dispensers, organic compost generation, urban gardening systems, and eco-friendly cleaning products. 

The environmentally friendly solutions will help businesses reach their goals in reducing single-use plastic. This will reduce the possibilities of leaching and pollution, as a result, it will contribute to the reduction of single-use plastic consumption. 

Moreover, the products will require less storage space for the consumer to store products.

How will we bring the change?

Any form of change is met by opposition. It is part and parcel for the human being to sit in a comfort zone. Antidot aims at creating awareness and educating Maltese grassroots society about the importance of a Green Economy and Circular Economic model.

Antidot together with its team of experts will be looking into collaborating with eNGOs, business communities, local councils, and schools to bring the wave of change. Promoting the European Green Deal amongst Maltese and Gozitans communities.

The aim is to create educational workshops that will educate people on how small actions may contribute when endorsed by large sectors of society. Through the workshops participants will be able to learn about the vital importance of water, the danger of plastic for human and animal health, and the importance of greener urban areas and re-use of consumable goods.

Laura Pellegatta Bio

Laura Pellegatta

Founder and Owner of Antidot Environmental Solutions.


Laura Pellegatta come from Genoa, Italy and resides in Gozo, Malta. She brings to Malta vast experience in the green and circular economy that can benefit the local community. 

Her work experience within the green industry helps her recognise ways and means to assist the local communities and businesses. She manages to identify opportunities in areas that present business models adopted in the country see none. Her innovative and creative ideas combined with her environmental consciousness provide the right combination to bring communities and businesses together to succeed in their green transformation and adaptation of a circular economy for the benefit of all.

Her industrial experience in circular economy business models, together with her keen interest in sustainability, provide the right skills-set to assist entrepreneurs in improving their businesses with advice that is practical, cost-saving, and efficient.

Laura’s professional experience in Italy and Canada provide her with the right skills-set to manage transformation projects and guide businesses towards a circular business model with sustainability at the centre of its operations. 

The work experience includes project management, transformation, sales and marketing. The industries include agriculture, fashion, and the green industry.

In her professional experience, she provided consultancies in energy-saving and efficiency, production from renewable sources, circular economy and green building strategies. 

Laura’s vast experience in the green industry provides her knowledge and insight into the various options a business may take towards a sustainable business model that cares for the community and becoming more cost-efficient. 

Her passion for sustainability led her to found Antidot Environmental Services offering practical options to make businesses and households sustainable and greener.

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