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GLASSWARE for Solids & Liquids

Recommended for Selling Rice, Lentils, Grains, Cereals, etc.

Our line of glassware provides the right solution to your storage and plastic-less business. The retro design for a modern environmentally conscious society gives alternatives to single-use plastic.


The vast variety of products will cater to all your business running daily practical needs to store liquids or solids.


The jars are made from recycled glass and may be used to store a refreshing drink for guests in a boutique hotel.


The glassware is suitable to store liquids such as vinegar and oil or solids such asl to store rice, pasta, beans, legumes, cereals, nuts, coffee, pulses, and cookies. The dispensing jars for liquids can have stainless steel taps installed to prevent spillage. 


The liquids collection includes large dispensers, glass bottles, and an on-the-go drinking glass with a reusable straw.


The containers for solids come in a variety of sizes and shapes that for sure they would find a use in any kitchen or pantry. Caps are made of cork, glass, or stainless steel screw tops according to usage.


The containers are made from glass thus making them a healthier alternative to any type of plastic. This makes sure that the contents are not contaminated with toxic, endocrine-disrupting chemicals.


Glass has a non-porous surface that doesn’t absorb like plastic, making it safer to be washed at higher temperatures in a dishwasher without melting or warping.

[210516111101105] Glass jar with cork cap 3L.jpeg

Recycled glass jars for Rice, Pasta, Pulses, coffee, candies, cereals,....


1.5L, 1.8L,.3L, 5L, 6L, 7L

Different models available

[BC-VER-BO1] Glass jar 6L with stainless steel screw cap and spout.jpeg

Recycled glass jars for liquids storage like lemonade, water, sangria, juice,....


6L - 12.5L

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