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Water Refill  Station

CITY is a water refill station that is made from stainless steel, with a front opening and protective canopy.


The model is a freestanding type and is ideal for open areas and public environments. 

It delivers still water at room temperature and cold still water with cooling capacity up to 180 l / h with inlet water temperature of 20 ° C. CITY has a vandal-proof design and is internally insulated.


The standard version includes a drip tray with a support surface, Low power consumption LED night lighting, statistics software and bactericidal UV lamp on the dispensing spout to guarantee protection from retro contamination.

Moreover, one may opt to get optional services, such as  an electronics for the management of payments via RFID card, a filtration system with microfiltration and activated carbon, an inlet bactericidal UV lamp, a 39 "LED monitor, and video surveillance that can be consulted remotely.


A payment system may be installed with payment options for coins, notes, smart payments and credit card accepted.

LT/H  180  -  250








W. 130/231 cm  

D. 105/199 cm  

H. 303 cm  

Room temperature  




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  • Electronics for the management of payments via RFID card

  • Filtration system with microfiltration and activated carbon

  • Inlet bactericidal UV lamp

  • 39 "LED monitor

  • Video surveillance that can be consulted remotely

  • Customization in the colors and graphics of the cards

  • 3G system for remote diagnostics

  • WiFi system for sending data to an FTP server

  • Reporting system available via the web

  • Payment system by coin mechanism

  • Payment system via smartphone

  • Banknote payment system

  • Payment system by credit card

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