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  • Linda Burton

Order food, vote green!

Since the start of the pandemic, food delivery services such as “Wolt Food”, “Time to Eat” and “Bolt Food” have sprouted like mushrooms. Together with many restaurant chains such as “Amigos”,” McDonald’s” and “Eeetwell” they have revolutionised take-away and food delivery. Ordering food via app has become a convenient, fast and safe method. We can choose throughout an immense variety of restaurants and culinary delicacies, but unfortunately, we don’t have the option to simultaneously vote for an environmentally friendly order or take away.

In the US, the non-profit organisation “Habits of Waste” have started the #CutOutCutlery campaign to tackle wasteful practices by getting food service providers to change their app settings. The idea is to cut out single use plastics, plastic wrapping, Styrofoam containers, plastic straws etc. They want restaurants to be able to promote green orders by advertising eco-friendly packaging or invite customers to bring their own food containers for take away. It empowers consumers to make environmentally friendly decisions when ordering food online and rate restaurants on behalf of their sustainable practices. The two apps “PlasticScore” and “Jybe” are the perfect example of social change makers and how individuals have the power to shift towards sustainable practices with their vote.

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